Programmer, Musician, Producer.


I'm Nati, a 17 year old who takes interest in development and music.

I have experience in making/playing music, programming and playing around with tech.

I program in Typescript, Swift, Python, C++ and C# and I like using Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio and Logic Pro for production, but I can handle any DAW.

Here are some of my notable projects:


A Discord bot made for Music links and processing them. When you send a link, it shows previews and links to other streaming services.

Made with: Typescript, Discord.JS, Spotify API, Song.link/Odesli.co

Check it out here


A simple program made for managing DDNS (A+) records on your macOS machine, since there aren't other native ones. Only supports macOS Sonoma.

Made with: Swift, SwiftUI, Namecheap API

Check it out here


A program made for automatically uploading screenshots in a folder to an SFTP server and copying your URL. Works like an image host uploader.

Made with: Python, Paramiko (SSH)

Check it out here

A Little More Info Than Winver

A little program made for giving you information about your computer specifications. Doesn't really go much deeper than that. Useful for a quick specification rundown

Made with: C#, Windows Forms

Check it out here


My first ever big project involving a few people working on it. The code is a bit awful, but it was my first time getting into Python on a deeper level. Supports extensions (AYA - All Your Addons) written in Python that run when the shell is started.

Made with: Python3

Check it out here